I was standing, you were there, two worlds colliding .. ;

September 28, 2009

1I love her. S I love you so much.. My ring on your fingerlooks unbelievably remarkable, and it would look horrible on any other person. You have my soul. I wouldn’t want it any other way. And whatever happens, you’ll always have it, no matter what. It’s you. I’m yours. You’re the one I’m going to marry, sooner than you think.
…I know when I’m proposing to you.. You don’t, ofcourse, and you’re not expecting it, being young as we are.. but we will be married.. sooner than you think.

you’re so amazing to me, and I feel you’re love physicaly, emotinaly and spiritualy.

You’re beautiful.. don’t believe the mirror.. believe me.. We will defeat this ED.. We’ll either die in it together, or we’ll conguer it together. whichever it will be, it’ll be together.

They won’t tear us apart. I love you

I love you so much.

I love you.


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